Digital Imaging & retouch

Bildbearbeitung einer Studioaufnahme Bildbearbeitung einer Studioaufnahme

Beispiel für eine Bildbearbeitung Beispiel Bildbearbeitung

Etwas extremere Bildbearbeitung ... eine extremere Variante

Beispiel für eine Bildbearbeitung Beautylook

Beispiel für eine Bildbearbeitung Konstrastverstärkung

The digital photographic technique does not only allow a more convenient handling in photography but makes also digital imaging possible. This is the second step in the process of creating a perfect picture.

Of course, for some people the term digital imaging might create the image of a retouch where a mousy person becomes a supermodel. But there is also a "gentle retouch" possible where your natural beauty is put in perspective. Thereby skin impurities can be removed, laughter lines can be reduced and your eyes can be accentuated to improve the effect of the whole picture. In addition, I can change the background of pictures taken in the studio.

Decide yourself how you want your digital photos being edited. Being professional in digital imaging I can transform a great variety of your ideas into reality.

You can look at some examples on the right side, by simply moving the mouse over the photos you will see the original versions of the photos. If you click on the photos you will see an enlarged display of them.

A beautyshooting for you!

Would you like to have professional photos, for example for a sedcard or a modelbook? Maybe you would like to have nice pictures for your family album? Or you might want a gift for your lover or a seductive photo for your profile of a dating agency? Come and visit me in my studio, I am experienced in taking portrait pictures. In some cases I offer shootings for free (see below). Just contact me!


I can offer you, inter alia, the following services:

The shootings can take place indoor as well as outdoor. If needed I will use my studio flash unit. For beautyshootings I recommend to book a make-up artist.

Digital imaging of your photos

If you have low quality photos with a high particular value, ask me for the possibilities of digital imaging.


Most photographers give you only individual copies of the pictures they took, they do not deliver them digitally. In this way it becomes very expensive, especially if you need more than one copy. Some photographers even offer posters to overcharged prices.

In contrast to this method I charge you only with the costs for photography and digital imaging. You will get all your photos in high resolution on CD/DVD and you have my permission to make as many copies of your photos as you want. The quality of the photos is so good that you can make copies of them in poster size.
Decide yourself where you want to get your copies from!

Come to my studio and invite your individual offers!

Discounts/ Shootings for free

When interesting projects are involved shootings and digital imaging can be offered cheaper or even for free (this is without the costs for a studio or a make-up artist). In this case I require the full right of use concerning the photos (TFP) and it is necessary that I am interested in mentioning you as a reference. Contact me if you work on an interesting project.