Photography and Photoshop trainings

Training Fotografie

Photography trainings

Another focus is on my work as a teacher of IT contents. Since I am professional in Linux, webdesign etc. I am very interested in passing on my photographic didactical skills.

Not everybody is a naturally talented person, but with the right background knowledge you will get the expected results in photography. I offer the following photography trainings in order to support your individual progress (based on digital single lens reflex cameras):

IMG_9360 Some topics taught in my individual photography trainings:

Visit me and spend a whole day learning how to take better and professional pictures. I am not only an experienced photographer but also a qualified trainer and coach.

Photoshop trainings


I offer Photoshop trainings at regular intervals. My trainings are divided into beginner and advanced courses.

In my beginner training you will gain basic knowledge of the program, such as the use of simple digital imaging and picture manipulations. You will learn to use special retouching techniques in order to improve pictures and you will learn to eliminate unwanted picture elements.

My advanced Photoshop trainings are designed for people who are already familiar with the program and know the use of layers and masks. In this training we will deal with complex composings, advanced retouching techniques and advanced possibilities of Extract in Photoshop.

Business trainings

Photoshop trainings for employees are often very useful. In many cases people still work with outdated techniques and lose much time. I would be glad to advise you on-site (for free) and to help you with a requirements analysis. I will adapt the program to your individual needs.

Learning material

Download here my lecture on Blitzen mit Systemblitzgeräten (11,5 MB)
Download here my presentation on Fotografie Grundlagen und Portraifotografie (2,2MB).