Friedrich Ganter, a passionate photographer

Fotograf Friedrich Ganter Friedrich Ganter,
Ihr Fotograf in Hamburg

Since I was young, I have been fascinated by photography. During this time I did not only learn the technical basics but also image composition.

I decided though to make a career as a software developer, which involved that I neglected my beloved hobby.

I was inspired by photography again through the emergence of digital single lens reflex cameras and I am especially fascinated by the possibilities of digital postprocessing.

Besides my job as a trainer I work as a professional photographer. Furthermore, I deal increasingly with digital imaging which is essential for many ideas and motifs in modern photography. This knowledge enables me to offer beginner and advanced Photoshop trainings. If you are interested, please contact me.

I composed many pictures for customers where I do not have the permission for publishing, therefore you will only see my so-called „free works“. You will find a selection of my pictures in my portfolio.

In addition, you will find more pictures in my photographer sedcard in the Model-Kartei. Please take also a look at the pictures in my Facebook and Flickr account. Do also not forget to take a look at FOTOGRAFR, a professional journal for photographers.


News will be announced on my blog

Beyond my website you will get interesting information on my blog. Its main purpose is to provide information about photography, digital imaging, the latest software for photographers and other interesting news. On my blog are also given advices and reports about interesting shootings.

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